Polypan F

Polypan F is 50 ISO film on very thin base, but surprisingly doesn't scratch easily. Also it have something really interesting for me. It's a copy film for motion picture, that has no anti-halation layer, and can give beautiful bloom effects in bright light.

Some developing times:

D-76 1+1 50ISO 8-13 min
RODINAL 1+50 50iso 13 min
RODINAL 1+25 100iso 10.5 min
RODINAL 1+50 100 iso 17 min

Just remember that Polypan is a movie print film and has no antihalation backing.

I've already done some rolls of Polypan at 100 ISO working on Kodak D-76 at 13 minutes at 20-23C. the material is really good with interesting tonal range.

Some tech info:

Polyester BASE
Movie copy film
NO ANTI-HALATION layer = bloom effect in bright light
Fine grain
High contrast film
Low price


So it's up to you if you spend some time on testing, or you can simply leave it...but sometimes really fine grain film with high contrast is what you might be looking for.


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