Velvia 50 Cross's true. We will "ruin" mighty Fujichrome Velvia 50 in color negative developer such as ECN-2....

But it is really ruining? It's a matter of perspective. Of course from my point of view it's not really good approach to this film. But what if we have some really old outdated film. From 10 to 15 years old. In this case slides will be not acceptable. So try to think that way too.

On the other hand ECN-2 (color negative process for motion picture films) has same developing agent as E6 (color reversal process). So the color shift, color effect is not huge.

So why? Because it's negative, not slide and I can make prints in the darkroom. 

There are few examples from summer. Lubitel 166B and really outdated Velvia 50.

Processed as ECN-2.




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