1+25 R09

It's all about black and white film developer in the liquid concentrate.

FOMADON R09 according to FOMA is equivalent to former developer Agfa Rodinal.
Dilution: 1 part of the concentrate + 25 or 50 parts of water. This may also be diluted up to 1:300 for specialized applications...

When you shoot film you have to be an artist and a technician at the same time.
So composition, play with lights, colors, contrast on one side, but on the other what developer do you use? What dilution? Agitate or not?

A lot of photographers from Ostrava recommended me R09, even they know that I am the man of D-76 or Microphen.

So why not? This is HP5 at 1600 ISO. 

Developed in R09 1+25 for 16,5 minutes.

Hermanice / Ostrava


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